Why choose us

Our puppies are home raised and very well socialized, they are absolutely part of our family.
As soon as they are comfortable to walk, we start to pad train them.
We live in beautiful enviroment in a small village with lot of outdoor activities, where we playing, teaching and socializing them.
We raise them in our beautiful and well equipped whelping building.
Dogs are free to run in our huge garden all day,we don’t use crates.
We carefully select all of our studs and females to ensure that our Frenchies are from the best lines and they are healthy.
Our puppies will fit right to your family as all of our adults and puppies have fantastic personalities and they are very spoilt.


We give sales agreement with all of our puppies,including details of the choosen puppy,payment and shipping.

Health Guarantee

We give 1 year guarantee with the puppy from the day of purchase.
Our guarantee cover the puppy against all genetically diseases.

Puppies Health

Our puppies come with all the necessery vaccinations, dewormed in every 2 weeks.
They are microchipped. Feed with premium Purina Pro Plan dry food and we prepare meals of fresh meat and vegetables every day.
We pamper our dogs with 100% organic and natural, handcrafted cosmetics, what contains high quality of ingredients and giving them our own harvested organic honey with propolis,to boost their immune system.


We have very proffesional vet,who know a lot about bulldogs.
They care about our Frenchies,check them regulalry and accompany their development until they travel.
They are available anytime to help us.


Our frenchies has been registered at Hungarian Kennel Club (FCI) and come with export pedigree, which could be easily register at your countries kennel club, such as AKC or CKC etc.


We ship worldwide and we have 3 shipping options:
  • In cargo, to main international airports in temperature controlled and pressurized room by well experienced airline.
  • Puppy nanny, who deliver your puppy to you, and puppy can travel with the nanny in cabin.
  • We deliver personally

Paymment options

We accept transferwise, bank wire, paypal etc.